The Circus

The United Nations (UN):

An international stage where the whole world hears you – but no one is listening.

Just saying.


The Red Crescent (RC):

Does a wonderful job of transporting people from A to B – but then so does a surfboard.

Just saying.


The Good Guys (US):

Helping those who need help – always. Period.


In a utopian world we would be looked up to and emulated.

In the real world we are criticized and ostracized.

Just saying.



Who can our antagonists turn to in their time of need?



The Circus – Act 1

We find ourselves treating and transporting patients who either do or do not hold Israeli citizenship and either do or do not agree with my right to exist. I’m not talking red white and blue “all talk and no play.” I’m talking about ‘patients’ who truly live their ideologies. I say live, but what I mean is die for their ideologies; and they hope to take as many innocents as possible with them, to the other side. Yes, it is often these exact persons that I risk my life to save.

A Circus indeed.

Essentially, all assistance given is gifted pro bono (unofficially). These people don’t pay; they don’t even pretend to intend to pay. Billing addresses aren’t provided, or don’t exist; either way, someone is losing out, and it ain’t the terrorist or his posse.


“Why do you do it?” you ask.

“You shouldn’t do it!” you exclaim.


You might be right. But selfless giving and indiscriminate kindness is in our blood, since Abraham’s times.

Others inherited other values.


“So there is no financial compensation, but how about plain, uncomplicated, absolutely gratis gratitude?”


No thanks from the subjects, nor recognition from the international community. Instead, we are vilified worldwide as occupiers, terrorizing the virtuous.


OK! Shmeel. Enough rhetoric. I’ve heard it all before.

You probably have; but have you raced, sirens blazing, to their rescue.

I have.


The Circus – Act 2

Recently there was a horrible motor vehicle accident, ‘on the other side’. They requested, nay, they begged for our help. We dispatched 3 Orange and 3 White ambulances. A true sacrifice, because this amounts to a dangerously large percentage of available ambulances during any one shift.


“Thank you so much” ?!?!



Instead, the State of Israel will suffer resentment, detestation and eventually protest. Deadly protest.

It didn’t take long.

The accident occurred at the SW checkpoint. Less than 24 hours later the “thank you” arrived, and I quote from mainstream media, Dozens protest violently against Israel at SW Checkpoint!”

“Protest altruism!” you gasp.

Yes! – How did you know? – Have you heard this story before?


The Circus – Act 3

Even the security of the attendant, during treatment, is not ensured. We are constantly bombarded and abused with verbal and even physical attacks.

In the ancient past, at the culmination of an unsuccessful CPR, our Medics were often threatened with their life, should they ‘refuse’ to bring back the departed. For this reason, amongst others, new protocol was introduced:

  1. When in a dangerous area, death is not declared on scene. In all instances, even in cases of totally dead patients (an ‘X’) and certainly in cases of partially dead patients (VF Cardiac Arrest) our teams are now instructed to initiate transport to a hospital where the family can be told, with a security presence, that the patient is no longer amongst the living.


  1. When there is a distress call in a dangerous area, our teams receive a police escort to the location. The cops remain during treatment, and escort us back out. Control synchronizes the response with the Blues, and a specific location or coordinate is designated as the meeting point. This spiel has, on occasion, delayed the medical response and that is unfortunate. Unfortunate for them, because they need help; and unfortunate for me, because I want to help.


But I didn’t create this reality. Terrorism did.



There is no conclusion.

This whole saga is still a work in progress and we wait, pray and hope for G-d’s mercy.

But I began this whole train of thought due to a beeper I received which said:

“Emergency Medical Event – E. Jerusalem”

These calls are normally signed off by the dispatcher as “Security Escort Necessary” – except on this occasion she mistakenly typed “A Coat is Necessary!”

Don’t know how much a coat is going to help.


Unless of course it’s bulletproof.

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